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Hello! One again I disappeared. ;_; Please follow my tumblr: so you can get to see me upload works more frequently.

Some of my paintings are for sale at my shop. Already half has been sold. You can see them at :)
Hi there!

I noticed that I haven't been updating my journal here. Much to my surprise, it's been more than a year since my last update. I think dA is one of my most neglected online accounts. :( Although I really love dA! I think this is where I grew as an artist/illustrator the most. Back then I used to spend endless hours strolling through galleries and favorites lists. Back then it was only a dream to get a Daily Deviation. Right now I have more than what I wish for (just one!), I still find it impossible to believe! Thank you! *u* I also think this is one of the few places where you can get appreciation and honest comments from viewers. Happy anniversary, deviantArt. Sorry for not being around all the time.

Since my absence, I have been posting a lot at my personal blog: I hope that you can visit it, if you haven't yet. I post photos, progress works and completed works there. There are times when I forget to post the completed work here but I try my best to check on that once in a while.

Thanks for sticking around my dA page! I'll still be here checking everyone's works from time to time. This is the only place where I can see some of my favorite artists' works. But for important notes/messages, please email me at chua.valerie(at) instead. Sometimes it takes more than a week for me to check my notes. Commissions are temporarily closed but I still plan on opening them in the near future. But if you're interested and you're not pressed for time, feel free to email me about it. :)

Thank you!

Much Love,

Almost mid-year update

Fri May 27, 2011, 9:37 AM
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Update + closing commissions for a while

I noticed that I haven't updated this journal for more than 3 months. I'm worried that I might not be able to update this journal again for a long time but that doesn't mean that I'm inactive. I still check my page from time to time. I read all your comments! But there are times when I don't get to reply. :( I'd like to express my thanks to all those who have visited my devart page and to all those who still visit, old and new. Thank you! Your comments mean so much to me.

Commissions are temporarily closed as my room is being rennovated. It used to be a guest room and I only started living in it 2 years ago. Everything here hasn't been changed for 2 decades and a lot of its contents have been falling apart. For the meantime, I'm an in-house nomad. But not to worry, if I promised you work before I posted this message, I'll still deliver as promised. :)

I haven't been doing personal work lately (hence nothing to post in my gallery at the moment). :( I really miss it. In the meantime, you can visit my blog.


Commissions: Open

Fri Feb 4, 2011, 6:57 PM
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I'm open for commissions!

Since I've been getting a few requests recently, I'm open for commission work again but for limited slots only! :)

Maximum of A4 size (8x10" with .5 inch border on all sides). I can also ship the original artwork to you for $11 or less (depending on the size). Just note me if you have any inquiries and requests. :D

I can also print archival/fine art prints from almost any work in my gallery (max size A4). I will only be printing limited copies at a short amount of time. I don't want to mass produce them. Just note me or email me chua.valerie(at)


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Etsy Store

I opened an Etsy shop to sell some of the postcards that I've made. Please visit!

There's a promo: the 1st 5 people who purchase a set will get a really cute (!) pen for free. There's also an ongoing raffle in my Blog and Tumblr. If you want to win a set, just follow the instructions in those links. :)


Daily Deviation

Fri Aug 27, 2010, 9:18 AM
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I was surprised today with a hundred messages in my inbox (it's usually less than 20 on a regular day w/ no uploads) and I thought that someone must've featured me in a journal or news article and I was looking for a note/message about it to thank him/her but I can't find one. I noticed that April, an older and less-noticed work, is getting a lot of hits and when I opened it, lo and behold, a DD message box!

April by green-tea

What touched me the most is that it was suggested by Claparo-Sans, an artist that I incredibly admire. I always talk about him with my best friend and sister whenever he creates something new. He's one person in dA that inspires and drives me to keep making works, especially in watercolor. So seeing his name literally left me speechless that I didn't know how to digest the emotion at that time. Right now, 6 hours later, still not fully digested, I'm in genuine glee while I'm typing this. I cannot fully express how grateful and honored I am, I want to cry! Thank you so much for the suggestion, and thank you to snowmask for featuring the work. And thank you for everyone, both old and new visitors for liking and supporting my works. It really means so much to me. I will keep painting to inspire as how others have inpired me.

With utmost love,

Commissions: Open

Fri Jun 11, 2010, 10:04 PM
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I graduated last weekend with a BA in Humanities. I'm still looking into jobs, not sure whether to teach or to enter the creative industry.

For the meantime, I'm open to watercolor and sketch commissions. E-mail me at chua.valerie(at)

I can't ship hard copies yet outside Manila of because it's quite expensive. I'm still looking for a service that can ship for an affordable price. Unfortunately the watercolor paper is too thick to roll, the dimensions take up too much space that the shipping price is nearing the price of my work already. For the meantime, I'll send you a full resolution copy instead.


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Commissions: Temporarily CLOSED


I was part of a wonderful online fantasy comic collaboration called SPERA, written and created by Josh Tierney. I feel so honored to be part of such an overwhelmingly fantastic roster of artists:

:iconsaprophilous: :iconolivier2046: :iconthewoodenking: :iconhummachine: :iconmilc: :iconpowflip: :icondadothegreat: :iconbigconejo:

Please visit SPERA-COMIC.COM (and read from the beginning!)

:star: SPERA PART III :star:

Last Summer Vacation + Career Prospects

School is finally out!

I'll be leaving the country soon with Irene (chocomintdrops). Her sister, Denise (mono-tone) and her friend, is also coming with us. We're going on a short vacation to Fukuoka, Japan, studying during the earlier parts of the day and sightseeing in the afternoon. Irene bugged me about this for almost a year and we're finally going.


Right after I get back, I'll be embracing adulthood with open arms! (employment, tax, marriage, and rheumatism... LOL!) I don't think I'll be able to earn enough money to travel in the near future so I'm really making the best out of this last trip.

Speaking of work, I'm still figuring out the best way to work and enjoy life. I've no plans of entering the corporate world. I want to build my own store or work in a small creative company or school while having spare time to paint. I read blogs of other artists and I realize how difficult this is, juggling non-art-related work and art. I don't think my works are phenomenal enough to put food on the table and I fear the day that I might have to completely abandon it just to properly survive. Hopefully, it's the other way around.

"You're getting married anyway!!!"

My parents are compelling me to work and earn a living ASAP, my mom especially. I'm not sure if this is a very-Chinese-thing but I think they're just waiting for the day, which might be quite soon, when I'll cut financial ties with them. Back then I was actually wishing to get into art school after I graduate but it's not happening. I think it's a bit devastating when you're told that you don't need an education anymore because you're getting married anyway (apart from financial reasons). Feels like time stopped here long ago. ):

I'll be back soon with lots of photos and inspiration full to the brim. I have a lot of pending drawings here but they'll have to wait until I get back. If I get the chance, I'll be updating my blog. If you're curious, just check occasionally for updates. (:

:bulletpurple: If you don't mind sharing, what are your career plans or what have you been up to?

:bulletpurple: For those in the Philippines, how will you be spending your summer vacation?

Thanks for reading. I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Some works that I like. Some are famous, some are not very but I like them: (It's quite a random selection.)

Parting From Your... by mynameistran :thumb151368123: Wieskirche by micorl :thumb129499313: floral power II by robinpika :thumb46281255: Book Cover- 1on1 by gunnmgally Howl by celdee damydworu by grenasse Tata Gala Poster 2009 by theirison :thumb158146854: TigerLily by Toonikun :thumb151671156:

Mature Content

Secret Garden by shatterday
Sing for me by czas Black Cloud by axcy

.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot :thumb98874067: Studio Ghibli Fan by Sharkfold

First of March Feature and Updates

Sun Feb 28, 2010, 9:22 PM

Once again, I have failed to update my dA page for the entire month of February. Life has been incredibly mundane on this end. School, school, school... but of course a part of a very special comic that I was working on is now complete. I will inform you guys when it's out on the interwebs. All I can say is that it has been a very exhilarating but fun experience. The roster of artists for that specific part I'm in = I cannot explain how superb they are!

My leisure activities have been diminished to strolling Orvin's dog on weekends. But cheers to me, in twenty-three (!) days, I will be finally out of school. For the meantime, I trying my best to gather and finish very small rackets by the end of March, and some paintings as well. Let's see how long I can last.

My Blog
Since I rarely update my dA journal, I write almost weekly at Quiet Girl, my blog on blogspot. Please visit it! There are photos there and occasional progress works.

I also opened a facebook fanpage. I opened it because there are people (mostly ones I know in real life) who don't use dA but visit my Facebook page and sometimes request or ask for artwork and print information and I thought that I need a separate page to accommodate their answers, also to segregate real life stuff from work. There you go, FB fanpage!


:star: FEATURE

A feature of the first 10 commenters on the February journal entry, as promised. The works I'm featuring below are not necessarily traditional works. Just as long as the people who commented have at least 2-3 traditional works in their gallery, they were featured. Some people who commented didn't say if they wanted to be featured but I ended up featuring them because there were slots available.

#1 :iconnijibug:
:thumb129760337: :thumb140501948: :thumb145560349: :thumb128991636:

#2 :iconaxrai:

#3 :iconpinkblot6:
Stray Cat by pinkblot6 Balance by pinkblot6 Reflect Remix by pinkblot6 portrait of mr magoo by pinkblot6

#4 :iconwillford81:
Wolf by willford81 Lucky Girl by willford81 Bear by willford81 Japanese Beetle black on brown by willford81

#5 :iconsunako21:
sakura-chan by sunako21 amane misa by sunako21 colors II by sunako21 r y u k... lsdjalkdjashd by sunako21

#6 :iconsachiriku:
Chinese New Year by sachiriku Winter Smile by sachiriku Blue Balloon by sachiriku Fashion Designs by sachiriku

#7 :iconwinrie:
CHILDISH HEART by winRie Tuesday, I'm in love by winRie KISS THE GIRL by winRie Trees dont fly, BUT THEY MIGHT by winRie

#8 :iconbeaaraneta:
love and peace CD ART by BeaAraneta Candy by BeaAraneta Yoko Littner by BeaAraneta Clover Flower Line Art by BeaAraneta

#9 :iconmia-cullen:
:thumb149312375: :thumb151439879: :thumb147499667: :thumb148683349:

#10 :iconjiaren:
Chasm by jiaren The Sleepwalk Circus by jiaren

Mature Content

The Killing Intent by jiaren
Hurricanes by jiaren

January Recap + I'll Feature You!

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 30, 2010, 9:44 AM
Hey guys!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I haven't been making real drawings/paintings recently (again). :( I've made a couple of sketches but I haven't started painting on them yet. They're on the backlog pile. ;_; I'm sure I'll get to work on them soon once I'm finished with some collaborations and requests. And school reports. I realize that time flies too fast when you paint. You start at 1PM and when you look up it's already 5PM and you barely made progress. /sigh I can't wait for school to end. Only 50-something more days to go and I become a free unemployed person.

Small recap on exciting things this month:

1. The first week of January, I had a shoot with Regine David and Pat Ramos. I also got to model alongside with Phoebe Rutaquio (who is an amazing naturale model, by the way). Please check out their photos.

By :iconanti00gravity:
Marry Me, Someday by anti00gravity

By :iconlestouis:
:thumb150275901: :thumb150331103:

Kudos also to our wonderful teammates:
Make-up: Bernice Cid
Co-photographer: Ionne boozeberry
Assistants, flip girl and fan boy: Ysa and Quincy
Dresses by Cherry Veric and Marllon

2. fifi-feuille sent me a note a few weeks ago, requesting Faythful to make a layout out of Meet Me Halfway and this is the final result:

Color Me by Faythful
I love it so much! :heart: Everyone, please check it out~

3. I tried drawing a comic and I think I failed misserably! I'm slowly painting the pages but the supposed comic ended up resembling an illustrated storybook (something like a children's book or Stardust). /cries I'm still working on it but I slightly feel embarrassed that I really can't make figures move.

Comic and anything panel-driven isn't really my thing but this was a good opportunity to try it out *comic illustrator virgin* but it's really impossible for me after so many repeated tries. I recently found out that I'm poor in translating images in my head unto paper.

I will post them here on dA when I'm done with them. I have great respect for comic book artists. Comic-making is really a difficult feat. All you comic artists are crazy geniuses. Please don't be surprised if I ask for your autograph out the blue or offer to wipe the sweat out of your face while you're drawing. :giggle:

4. I'll Feature You!
I don't think I've been maximizing the use of my dA sub. I promise to update my dA journal at least once a month and abuse img src. :XD: Anyway, here's something I've never done before. *dun dun dun*

I'm featuring the first 10 commenters who want to be featured here on my journal but there's a catch: You need to have at least 2 traditional artworks in your gallery. Please comment with their URLs so that I know that you're interested. I'll feature 3 of your works (at least 1 of them is something you did traditionally). I'll probably come up with different themes next time. :)


Blog, Tumblr

:megaphone: On a random note:
(And I apologize in advance for being preachy but I really had to let this out)

I think photographers should always give due credit to their team. I've encountered a couple of photographers here on dA who either undercredit or totally omit the names of the people they have worked with. I think it's shameless to neglect mentioning your team/co-workers or even make it seem that you did all the work but in fact all you did was measure the light and hit the shutter. Who arranged the shoot, who did the make-up, who worked on the wardrobe, who did most of the thinking, who else majorly helped? Sometimes their work is a lot greater than yours.

anti00gravity pretty much summed up everything concerning this, "You're only as good as your team."

And "sorry I forgot" doesn't cut it.

I have a sub + year-ender post!

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 14, 2009, 11:00 PM
I have an asterisk beside my username!
:iconrinian: and I split the subscription bill into half and took advantage of dA's premium sub gift promo. (Great idea, Rinian!) I'm a first time subber~ Sign up for it. You only have until December 25.

Commissions are open
Just note me if you're interested. Although I might not be able to start on it until late February 2010 since I'm swamped with a lot of paint work and school work. But you can note me to reserve a slot.

I did a couple of collabs with Edric Chen fcfmanila, like these two. I helped out in conceptualizing and forming things from cloth. There's also another one with him where I get to merge painting and photo but I don't really have time to work on it now. Just wait for it soon. ): Also did an unplanned painting collab with Katrina Teh liberti. I'm planning to do more works with her soon.
Hurricanes by green-tea

For the meantime, I closed collabs. Thanks to everyone who sent me notes about it. :date: I'll open them again soon. I'm always looking for people to work with, especially when it comes to hands on set/prop-making and traditional work. I'm not too partial on photomanipulation work.

Year-ender post
2009 was fun. Definitely better than the previous year. I tried my shot at being a vocalist for a local band for 4 months, did roughly 6 gigs and performed on a ridiculously huge stage. I got to attend James Jean's talk with some friends and had him sign a copy of Kindling. :heart:

I wasn't very productive this year. Paintings are a lot less than the previous years. I told myself June this year that I'm quitting this whole art thing, that was when I was in the band. I'm not sure if I'm regretting that decision. Missed painting so much and went back to it.

Modeled for Brandy & Zoe, Coexist and feanne's beautiful acrylic accessories: Tamis Design. You can find photos of the latter 2 at slumberdoll's gallery. All were surprisingly fun. I always shy away from modeling because I've never really appreciated the way I look. (Even got myself braces early this year.. That's how insecure I am.. LOL). Also spent 3 or 4 consecutive weekends with a friend shooting models for a benefit fashion show and concert lookbook.

College will be over in 3 months (but graduation will be in June 2010). I hope that I'll be able to get into a nice stable job that can give me time to work on my paintings. (Is that even possible?) I've got a list of professions I might want to get into. Apart from stable job xyz, I want to work as a fashion illustrator or a painter, draw for high fashion apparel and magazines, things like those. Or own a boutique. I still really don't know. I'm as confused as the graduating candidate next door. What are your future plans?

Anyway, since I won't be updating this place for a several weeks...
:holly: Merry Christmas! :xmas:


Commissions: Open

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 27, 2009, 3:31 AM
Hey guys, I'm opening commissions.

Material: Watercolor on paper

Please specify which style you want by picking one in this gallery closest to what you have in mind. Works are predominantly in watercolor and possibly mixed (using other traditional and minimal digital elements). Please be advised that I am not adept in drawing males.

18x12" SIZE
$50 Head to bust
$53 Head to waist
$55 Full body

12x8" SIZE*
$30 Head to bust
$33 Head to waist

(*If you plan to order this size, it's better if you request for simpler styles rather than something that looks too real, since the paper is smaller.)</b>

+$5 additional elements: animals, things, what have you (max of 3 different add-ons). Unfortunately, I am not accommodating requests for full background as of now.
+$20 additional person (maximum of 1 ONE additional person/character only) - Only for the 18x12" size but we'll see if I can fit another one in the 12x8" size.

What you'll be getting:
1. A digital version of the artwork, full resolution (300dpi), good for print.
2. If you wish to obtain the original trad work (without digital stuff found in the final print), there's an additional price you have to pay for the hardcopy AND shipping fee depending on the size of the work. Just note me.
3. I have the right to post a small version in my site. I will not profit from it. I will not sell the original work to others without the commissioner's permission.
4. Down payment required before start of work.

Payment Method: Paypal.
If you're from Manila (Philippines), I can arrange meetups.

You can reach me through:
1. dA Note
2. chua.valerie(at)

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:star: NEW WORKS (2009) :star:
For the past month, I've been inconsistently pushing myself to paint. I'm not enjoying it that much recently (lost the drive, perhaps). Self-motivation is the key to getting things done though it doesn't necessarily lead to satisfying results, but I do hope others find something nice in them and I do hope that the drive goes back. In chronological order:

#01 Femullet
#02 Spilt
#03 April
#04 ??
#05 Severus
#06 ??
#07 ??

:pointr: Old Paintings (2008):
I've uncovered old soft copies of paintings in my 2008 folders. I haven't uploaded any of them because they're for something else but whatever those something else's are, they have been long forgone.

#01 Little Black Spot
#02 Elesi
#03 Only An Arm's Length Away
#04 What Seems Doesn't Mean


My family and I will be travelling to Macau this weekend. When Irene gets back from her month's stay in Japan, we'll be having a couple of shoots. *Is excited* School begins (once again) on June 10, so most likely I'll be on hiatus again. I'm aiming to break a few personal records (like the number of paintings produced, books read and movies watched in a year), so far I've only broken the books read part. I really hate reading but I've been trying hard!

I've been approached by a couple of people about my paintings. A few years ago someone mentioned something about God (or was it Christ?) in my piece, I will follow you into the dark. Someone asked if I were taking drugs. (Never tried them!) Just recently some relatives mentioned that they see 2 people in bed in Disappearances. I don't know what you guys are talking about! But please tell me more!

It's my birthday soon (May 30). I'm getting older! >_< I want to clean up and categorize my page more. I'm thinking of getting myself a dA subscription but I'm not sure if it's a wise thing to do since I only frequent dA once in every few months. We'll see.

Thanks for the visits, comments and faves! Really made me happy! :dance:

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:star: DDs :star:
My younger sister (I'm sure most of you don't know that I have a sister here in dA), just got a Daily Deviation for her work Mask Maker a while ago. If you haven't, please pay her a visit.

Thank you also to everyone who expressed their love/like for Song of a Bird. I was really surprised that it got a DD. To be honest, I never thought that anyone would like my works. *hides* It's an honor! ;_;

Thank you so much to Gine anti00gravity for texting me the very minute the DDs came out. You're awesome! ILU! And to XueLian too for suggesting these works for DD. :hug:

:star: Thank You! :star:
I am truly grateful for the support you guys have given me all these years. No matter how great or simple that gesture was, it has left me tremendously happy. I am especially grateful for people who went out of their way to do something exciting with me (like sleepovers, photo trips, and art jams -- you know who you are!), who helped me, who initiated conversations with me (as I am an extremely shy girl), who made me smile, who made me cry, thank you. Parts of me grew because of you.

2008 was a terrible year for me. I experienced something like a midlife crisis (a younger version of it, if it ever existed). The new year, for me, has just started a few weeks ago. It was embraced by a difficult philosophy exam, friends and some pancakes. Hopefully this year will be exciting. I haven't been painting or drawing for months (which explains why there are no new uploads in my gallery).

I have been doing silly and fun things in school: I did set designing (it was a collaborative effort. Sadly, I don't have a personal pic of the set. I totally forgot to bring my camera.); Serenaded a lot of people for a Valentine's event in school a theatre org (ROC) made; made a giant book; I was also asked to give a talk the other day about digital art (I don't think I'm a real digital artist even. D: But thanks to everyone who attended, especially the Hum guys: Maggie, Lolo, Bok, XY, and Jayvee! I enjoyed it).

Summer in the Philippines is about to start in a few weeks and I CANNOT WAIT! It won't be long until this gallery will be alive and kicking once again.

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My YouTube</sub>
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:star: SEM BREAK SO FAR :star:
It's my semestral break right now. It's quite short. It started around October 18 and will end on November 6. I was at home most of the time, hence three new submissions: Dead Quiet, Lockon x Tieria and Halloween.

And also recorded a few songs:
:music: Val Chua - Violent Conversations (original)
:music: Val Chua - Today (Andela Aki/Smashing Pumpkins Cover)
:music: Orvin and Val - Pink (Emily Haines Cover)
:music: Orvin and Val - All Good Things (The Weepies Cover)

:heart: ORVIN (afrobear) is love.
Plugging his sites because I feel like it:
:bulletblue: - His online folio
:bulletblue: Starcraft Pilipinas - Yes! He designed and coded the entire site. If you're from the Philippines and you play Starcraft, please join. It's a a very active growing SC community.

Last October 18, I was at the ICA Fair with:

Nic (Rinian) and Mae set up a booth. They sold books, comics, and Nic sold prints of her artwork. Some of her works sold fast. Pretty amazing!

Nic is part of INK (Ilustrador ng Kabataan). There's an ongoing exhibit of INK at the Shangri-la Plaza entitled Tsubibo (more info). Please drop by! Some of her works are there. I feel bad that I wasn't able to come to the opening night.

:star: ART JAM :star:
Gine (anti00gravity) hosted Art Jam II (an art collaboration) at her place last October 20. The theme was black and white. Most of us started with pencils and pens and figured a few moments later that it's going to take long before we get to fill up the illustration board. Nonetheless, it was extremely fun! Got to meet a lot of new and old faces:

:iconanti00gravity::iconliberti::icongooselaff::iconpixie-poof::icon13idiotbox::iconkiksology::iconmerkymerx::iconredwense::icongravitycircle::iconseika::icontenebrific::iconalifigueroa: and Borgy

More on:
:bulletgreen: Gine's journal
:bulletgreen: My Multiply

We just had Art Jam III a while ago. We continued the previous black and white work and were able to fill up around 3/4's of the board. Can't wait until it's done. Wonder what we will do with it after. People who were there:


:star: SLEEPOVER :star:
Prior to the Art Jam, I was at KT's (liberti's) house. We spent almost the entire night fixing her room and we're not even done yet. Nico (Artus13) was also there and we're all reminiscing on KT's old stuff (drawings, toys, etc.) I watched Sister Act for the first time (a missing part of my childhood!) I don't watch TV and I rarely go to cinemas. D: Trivia: Would you believe that if Orvin had never turned on his TV last September or something, I would have never known who the Jonas Brothers were?! HAHA.

:star: TRAVELING :star:
I'll be flying to Hong Kong tomorrow (in a few hours actually) and will be back on November 2. It's half past midnight already and I haven't packed yet!

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I had a shoot with Pat lestouis last Thursday. The rain was terrible that day so we continued Wednesday the following week. Check out the photos in her account. They're really pretty. Pat is suuuper amazing.


Voice Clips
I sing again! In case you don't know (well now you do), I sing (though only in my room and if people invite me for karaoke). I was really bored so I posted some of my stuff in YouTube:

1. Final Distance (Utada Hikaru cover)
2. Eric's Song (Vienna Teng cover)
3. Violent Conversations (original)

Even though I only have 4 subjects, I have a lengthy research paper, a teaching demo, and a disputatio (ugh you don't want to know what this is!) due soon so I won't be making works for a few weeks. I have an overdued collab work and a rotting unfinished painting. I really want to work on them already.

I'm open for art collaborations (preferably pure trad or a trad-digital mix). Just note/message me. I won't be able to get to them right away but I'll make sure I'll attend to it as soon as possible. I just really need to finish all these reports. After that, I'm get set go! :)

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I had a shoot with Pat lestouis last Thursday at Intramuros. :XD: I'm not really good at this modeling thing but it was funnnn and Pat's shots are GOOD (too good for my angry face).

School resumes on the 3rd of January (tomorrow) and I haven't done my paper and some research proposals. I have to finish a 2-something feet painting in a few days or else tepok ako. School is getting in the way! *insert hair pulling action here* I'm just annoyed that I can't seem to get anything done. I start with things and I had to scrap them after because they didn't turn out well.

The holiday season was sad and lonely. During our family reunion, people were asking things like, "where did all the people go?" or "why are the tables blank?" even though the entire immediate family was complete that night (we're about 40). We usually open gifts around 12mn but everyone was lethargic and blah, they started giving away gifts around 1am. Never has this happened before!

I'm also quite money-less this year. :ohnoes: Ampao scarcity.

Hope that all goes well for the new year!

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My Sister
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I remember before, I kept complaining about arranging my works because all of them are cluttered in my Browse Gallery page. My photographs and artworks were mixed and every time I looked at them, I ask myself, "can I just move all my photographs to scrap?" :ohnoes: But now I feel extremely relieved they invented this make-a-folder and drag-and-drop thinger.

I uploaded a few traditionals (which you have probably seen already). Hurray for art sleepovers. If it weren't for one, there wouldn't be art here.

Some of my friends and I are preparing for something big and artsy. Wait for that. We're all nervous and excited for it. :)

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My Sister
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:iconsachiriku: :iconsachiriku: :iconsachiriku: :iconsachiriku: :iconsachiriku:

Yey! That's my 14 year old sister. I think she's doing ok. I can barely draw anything when I was 14. :XD:

Sorry guys, haven't been drawing/painting lately (again). My sembreak has been very unproductive but I think I've solved (?) a few bugging problems and I got to spend time with my friends. I also went phototripping with a lot of great artists. :heart: And I've tried turning hard rock emo songs into piano ballads *coughHelenacough*. (I don't really listen to emo and heavy rock though, but I like singing slow songs.) :)

I'll come up with something soon. (Though I really should stop playing Granado Espada first.)

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Thanks everyone for visiting! :)
I was really surprised that some people whom I didn't expect to come came (that sounds redundant but anyway), thank you, thank you! It means so much to me! :dance:

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I have an ongoing exhibit in school. Sept 3-7, 2007! If you're in Manila and if you have the time, please visit!

Date and Time: September 3-7, 2006. All day, closes at 7pm.
Venue: 5th Floor, Telengtan Hall, APEC Communications Building, University of Asia and the Pacific, Pearl Drive, Pasig City
Poster, other details, etc: [CLICK!!!]

I'll probably upload all my stuff here (small and crummier versions of it) when the exhibit is over. :)

Please please please come! The setup+ambiance is really nice! Kultura did a fantabulous job!